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Are you Familiar with Vascular Conditions?

Updated: Jun 22

Most Americans are familiar with heart disease and with the consequences of blockages in the vessels that carry blood to and from the heart. But few people realize that blockages caused by a buildup of plaque and cholesterol affect more than coronary arteries. Arteries throughout the body carry oxygen rich blood away from the heart, so blockages can occur in all arteries with serious effects. Following are brief descriptions of some of the vascular conditions our expert physicians treat regularly, as well as a link to additional information. Please understand that every patient's situation is different and our physicians treat each individual patient not just the condition, so there may be variations in your particular treatment plan compared to what you read. This information can be very helpful in providing a high level description of these conditions and how they are generally diagnosed and treated. Our physicians and nurses are here to answer your questions, so never be afraid to ask if you don't understand something.

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