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Peripheral Artery Disease of the legs- Self Care

Since September is Self Care month, let's talk about ways we can improve ourselves inside and out.

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a narrowing of the blood vessels that bring blood to the legs and feet. It can occur when cholesterol and other fatty material (atherosclerotic plaque) build-up on the walls of your arteries. PAD is mostly seen in people above 65 years of age. Diabetes, smoking, and high blood pressure increase the risk for PAD. The symptoms of PAD include cramps in the legs mostly during physical activities (intermittent claudication). In severe cases, there may also be pain when the leg is at rest. Managing the risk factors can reduce the risk of further cardiovascular damage. Treatment mainly includes medicines and rehabilitation. In severe cases, surgery or other procedures may also be done.

Physical activity can help prevent and or manage PAD.

No one says you need to run a 5K, yet adding a few nice walks within the week will help to increase blood flow. For more information, visit

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