We are glad you have chosen or are considering receiving care from the expert physicians and staff at MAVI. We want to ensure that we work together most effectively, so the following information may be helpful for you to know in advance of your first visit. If you have any questions or need clarification, please don’t hesitate to let us know.



On normal business days, our phones are answered from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please use the following directory to conveniently route your call directly to the proper individual who can assist you. Office appointments: 816.842.5555 ext. 2

Insurance/billing: 816.842.5555 ext. 3

Nursing staff: 816.842.5555 ext. 6

Other: 816.842.5555 ext. 0

If the person you are trying to reach is unavailable, your call may go to voice mail. Please leave your full name, birth date and phone number on the message. Calls will be returned within 24 hours on normal business days.



Please allow one week to 10 days after testing for your physician to receive and review your test results. A visit with your physician or nurse practitioner may be requested to discuss the results of the test and your plan of care.



MEDICATION REFILLS ARE ONLY HANDLED DURING NORMAL OFFICE HOURS. Please keep track of your refill dates. If there are no refills remaining at the pharmacy, the pharmacist will contact our office for refill authorization. In order to provide the highest clinical service to you, we will review your medical record to determine if a follow-up visit or medication adjustment is needed before refilling the prescription at the pharmacy of your choice. Prescriptions will generally be sent electronically to the pharmacy within three business days of your request. Please note that if there are questions or insurance authorizations, this could cause a delay. Routine refills are handled during the weekdays. Routine requests received on the weekend will be handled by the office the following business day. Please check to make sure that we did, in fact, prescribe the medication. On occasion, patients will call in for a refill of a medication prescribed elsewhere. Your MAVI provider will only refill medications that were prescribed and monitored by our office. Refills cannot be handled after hours or by the on-call physician.  


There will be a $35 charge for our office staff to complete any additional paperwork you may request on behalf of your employer or insurance company, such as FMLA or extended absence from work. Please allow at least two weeks for completion of such paperwork. For copies of your medical records, please contact us for per page charge and time frame for completion. Our physicians do not perform disability determination assessments.



If you will be unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please notify our office as soon as possible, but at least 24 hours prior to avoid a $25 charge.



Please bring all your medication bottles and be sure to include medications from ALL doctors you see. We must be aware of any medications and/or supplements that you are taking in order to ensure your safety as we move forward with any treatment of your condition. If you have questions or concerns that you wish to discuss during your appointment, please write them down when they come to mind and bring the list to your appointment.